iintechdefence solar power fence|Power fence Energizer

iintechdefence solar power fence started in 1995  as an energizer product manufacturing company at erode district. since 1995 we develop many electronic energizers like AF 50- Af 100 AF 150 series. In recent days we develop interact energizers it is user-friendly electric fence energizers, we completed more than 1000 KM perimeter fences.  iintech defense also gives the best security solution for industries and communities. our projects are done in  Pan India and Sri Lanka. our energizers and fence parts available in Tamilnadu Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, and Anrapradesh. our energizers strictly follow   BIS 302-2-76 (1999)-IEC- 610000-3-3, IEC 60335-2-76 :2008. our products give the best security for your premises 



We are working to ensure the best solution for protecting wild animals.



To give our technological best ,cost-effective  solution for agricultural farms and industrials