Barbed wire fence

How to install best barbed wire fence

barbed wire fence is much safer and cheaper if you are thinking of setting up a fence for agricultural land or vacant sites. this article is about how to set up a barbed  wire fence

First we need to clarify the purpose of the fence That is, to prevent animals from entering our garden or to prevent theft and trespassIt is very easy to protect our gardens from ordinary animals at the same time, solar fences to prevent large wildlife and large animals such as elephants from entering areas. Barbed wire fences are useless in those places.

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  1. Define the Land type
  2. Posters 
  3. Determine the Fence Height 
  4. Identify quality of the wire
  5. Specification of the barbed wire
  6. Quality of the pillar post 
  7. Select the thickness of the post 
  8. Install wires on the  pole
  9. Fix the support for main post 
  10. Concrete every post
how to install Barbed wire fence

Well let’s look at the top 10 things you need to look for after you

decide to set up a barbed wire fence

1.Define the Land type

The first thing is to understand what your kind of Terrain  became like flat Land, zig zag land or Hilly Terrain 

2 Posters 

Use posters made of stone or concrete if your earth was normal flat land. Maybe your land has more curves You can use iron posters Cement concrete  post is more likely to break Be sure to use iron posters if your land is in a mountainous or hilly area because there is a lot of animal impact so cement  posters are more likely to fall off. 

3 Determine the Fence Height 

Six feet high is good in normal areas. 8 feet high is mandatory for maximum protection. 10 feet is best for areas that require more protection than normal.

4.Identify quality of the wire

How to identify the quality of fence ? In this matter you look at the thickness of the galvanizing coating of the fence wire. Usually 60 micron to 120 micron coating is available 120 is very costly one it will give more protection against rust forming. you can choose 80 to 100 micron coated wire. I recommend 120 micron for delta areas. 100 is always better.

5 Specification of the barbed wire 

Barbed wire fences are available in a variety of brands, the best of which are those made by Tata Barbed wire fences are available in the sizes below

6. Quality of the pillar post .

It is essential that the spacing between the next post and the next post be at least 6 feet and a maximum of 12 feet

7. Select the thickness of the post 

In cement /stone post 6 inch post is best if you select iron post minimum 2 inch by 2 inch * 6 mm Maximum 3 inch by 3 inch.

8. Install wires on the  pole

First Lay top and bottom horizontally  each one guide wire  next maintain a minimum one feet 12 inch gap if you need more strength and high security  8 inch by 8 inch is very good one.Use at least 16 gauge wire to tie the barbed wire to the posters. Some tools are available in the market to bind these properly use it properly 

9.Fix the support for main post 

Lastly it is very important to give support to both the posts. These support posters need every 10 posts.

10. Concrete every post.

Putting concrete or stone binders on posters laying depends on your economy. I do not recommend cement packing.

barbed wire fence
barbed wire fence